Maharajji Fulfils Devotee's Desire to Visit Kainchi

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maharajji 1301pI had visited Kainchi Dham once but had not known much about Maharajji until I came back to my hometown Ramnagar in 2010 after quitting my job in US. By that time my father had also passed away. Due to this I became interested in spirituality and read lot of books on this subject in seclusion. In my father’s collection, I found one book on experiences with Maharaj Ji and recollected that my father, in childhood, had met Maharaj Ji. So I had connection with Maharaj Ji. I considered him my baba.

I sometimes shouted at Baba Ji and questioned him why He was not calling me to Kainchi Dham. Like this, three and half years passed. In April, 2016 I again mentioned my mother about my desire to go to Kainchi Dham but due to monetary and circumstantial reasons I couldn't plan. In May, one day I got a call from my earlier good friend Monaswi from USA that he was visiting India but he decided not to go to home first but rather intended to visit Kainchi Dham. He was a very good friend of mine but it had been around 7 years we had met and then we hardly talked once or twice a year.

My friend hired a taxi and came to Ramnagar. I was surprised by his sudden visit to my place Ramnagar. He mentioned that he has been seeing Kainchi Dham temple in his dreams for a long time. His parents and sister also accompanied him on this visit. When his sister saw me, she mentioned that she had been seeing my face as Shri Neem karoli Baba in her dream. This was the first time I met her. I was taken aback.

I could not understand what was happening. But all these events strengthened my belief that whatever you crave for with pure heart, He listens. But Baba Ji will work totally on His own free will. When the right time comes He shows his Leela. It was His leela that made my Kainchi visit possible.

Following this, one small incident also happened which I couldn’t understand but would love to mention here. When next day, we visited kainchi Dham, after darshan of holy cave, I sat in front of Baba Ji's temple. I closed my eyes and like self-talk-meditation I started talking with Baba Ji. Later when I opened my eyes I saw a typical yellow and brown color flying insect on temple door. Suddenly this chaupai from Sundar kand Ramayana flashed my mind “मसक समान रूप कपि धरि” which means “Lord Hanuman took from of a small mosquito." After this, only Baba knows what went wrong. That flying insect started hitting my head like anything. Even though including my friend’s family, we were around eight people sitting there, but the insect chose me only. I ran around in the temple premises but it didn’t leave me, nor did it sting me. In my mind, I was asking Baba if I had done anything wrong by saying that verse from Ramayana. But this incident made all of us laugh for a long time. I started praying to Baba, and the insect left me. My friends were totally in love with Kainchi Dham and purchased Baba Ji’s books and pictures from there.

We also visited Hanuman Garhi temple in Nainital which I had never visited earlier. I had read about it in Maharaj Ji’s books. So this is how Maharaj Ji fulfilled my wish to have His darshan at Kainchi Dham and Hanuman Garhi. For me Baba Ji is my Hanuman Ji . What I love most about Him is His child like face and his picture in Bhava Samadhi with divine bliss on His face, His unconditional love irrespective of what you are, what you were, what you did. This is the state I would like to be in, one day. As Baba Ji , with divine tears in His eyes mentioned in a story, that people visit me for themselves and they don’t visit me for myself hence we should try to love Baba Ji for Baba Ji only.

- With Love