Baba's Protective Grace

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neebkaroribabaWe had driven from Rishikesh  to Kainchi Dham in April 2017  for the first time. I have been driving for more than 20 years across cities in India and am an extremely safe driver with no accident records. After settling down  at our hotel  we visited the ashram for the  first time to take the blessings of the Baba.
On seeing Baba's  statue  we were filled with a calming, protective  and reassuring divine energy  which we had never experienced before. Our minds were thoughtless and time ceased to exist in the bliss.
We spent at least one to two hours meditating , opening up and aspiring  to receive all the positive energy.
The next day we again drove down enthusiastically to the ashram, however we thought of taking a detour to see the hanuman temple ahead. Just when we drove passed the ashram door, a few meters away, I saw a car coming recklessly towards us. The road was narrow and it was a certain accident as there was no place to maneuver my car. By some divine intervention the approaching car suddenly veered to the right as though pushed by some invisible hand.
  We heard the noise of a colision. As I passed by, I stopped my car a few meters away and looked back in the rear view mirror and saw the car had crashed on the side wall only of the road. Both of us looked at each other woth amazement.
I am sure the Baba's protective grace is available to all who visit there because I truly believe that one can visit the Baba's ashram  only when He wishes  you to come.