Baba and the Mas

neebkaroribabaThe Ma’s, as they were called, were women whose  greatest pleasure was in taking care of Maharajji.

Once a devotee had said Maharajji should take certain pills at 10:00 A.M.

On this particular morning the Ma’s brought the medicine late.

Maharajji said fiercely, “If you people don’t take better care of me, I’ll turn your minds against me” – which was the worst threat he could make.

- from Miracle of Love by Ram Dass

Ma Gave Me The Name Ambika

ambikaThis was the first photo ever given to me of Sri Siddhi Ma.

Sadhu Ma gave it to me my first time in Kainchi Dham, in 1998.

Months later on that same trip Mataji gave me the name Ambika. She said “it is not a name for going here and there and doing this and that, it is a name for singing to God.”

Gratitude is not a strong enough word to express how I feel about Her presence and guidance in my life.

Her love and grace completely transformed me. I miss her terribly. May She journey in peace and love, just as she lived.

Ram Ram.

He Came Back To Me

twenty fiveSiddhi Ma had been sitting in Maharaj-ji’s room. When she saw me through the window, she sent somebody to get me. I thought, “Oh why don’t they just leave me alone and let me die? I can’t stand anymore.” But I couldn’t say no. “Yeah, okay, coming.” I got up and walked through the back door, across the courtyard, and into Maharaj-ji’s room. As I came to the door, I saw Ma sitting on the floor at the foot of his bed. Nobody else was in the room. As I crossed the threshold, I was struck by a thunderbolt right in the center of my chest. I fell to the ground like a tree that had been hit by lightning. My heart cracked open, and I felt the incredible sweetness of Maharaj-ji’s presence. I was crying uncontrollably and couldn’t stop. He had come back to me…

I was still lying there on the floor, sobbing, and Siddhi Ma was still sitting there quietly. I kept thinking, “she must think I’m out of my mind.” I tried to stop crying but I couldn’t… Still sobbing, I went back to the swahas and the puja. I was totally out of my mind with bliss. Every cell was dancing. The devotee who was sitting next to me doing the ceremony kept looking over at me and finally asked, “Krishna Das, are you all right?” I couldn’t stop crying…

Later in the day, another great devotee of Maharaj-ji’s named Mrs. Soni saw me walking across the courtyard, crying. She also asked if I was alright. I looked at her and tried to say something, but I couldn’t speak. Holding back tears, I barely managed, “Maharaj-ji…!” At this, her eyes rolled up all the way back into her head. She stood in front of me shaking like a leaf for about a minute before they rolled back down. She looked at me and said, “Exactly!” and then floated off across the courtyard.

[- from Krishna Das, “Chants of a Lifetime,”]

Handwritten: Maharajji's "Fun" Note to Suraj

maharajji and men IMG 5627 250x250 with handwriten note by Maharajji webIn April 2017 we uncovered two notes written by Maharajji's hand. Other than Maharajji's Rams and one signature, this is the first time that a note written in Maharajji's handwriting has been posted on

The upper note (faded) includes the names Prem Lal and Vasant Lal Sahu. The text on the right side is clearly Maharajji's handwritten Ram japa. The text on the left side has not been translated.

The lower note is translated as follows:

"Babaji's blessings for Suraj.
You will have fun.
Your boys will have fun.
One boy sends application.
Get him a job.
[Signed] Baba Neeb Karori."

About Maharajji’s Durbar

maharajji neem karoli babaLovingly addressed as Maharaj, Baba was a master of the spiritual world. Some compared the gathering of devotees around him to the court of a king surrounded by his courtiers. Unlike a king's court, however, no one held a position in Baba's durbar nor did it have a set venue, time, or duration. Everyone could sit wherever they liked, and there was no obligation for visitors to bow to Maharaj. The durbar would assemble anywhere - in the ashram, by the side of the road, under a tree in the forest, or in the house of a devotee. It was always open to everyone. One of the remarkable features of Baba's durbar was that although it assembled and dispersed, its continuity was maintained. One durbar would end, but another would assemble in no time, wherever Baba went. His great love for people and their love for him assured an unbroken sequence of visitors.

The subject of conversation in Baba's durbar arose spontaneously and was never prearranged. Baba usually asked the new visitor three questions : What is your name? Where have you come from? What do you do ? It was often from these three questions that a conversation would ensue. Once, Baba put the third question as follows, "You, lawyer, what do you do?" Everybody burst into laughter, for Baba had revealed his omniscience. Maharaj just smiled.